Schools cannot educate children without the support of parents, families and communities. Good teachers and administrators are invaluable to the educational process, but they are not miracle workers. Schools, by themselves, do not educate children. What happens in a school is important; but just as important is what happens in the home and the community where the child lives. Good schools seldom (if ever) create good communities; but good communities usually create good schools!

All of our academic programs abide by this philosophy. In order for us to be successful, we need active and involved parents, families, communities! We are here to serve, but tutoring alone will not educate a child. This is a team effort. Join us. Be a part of the team.

Academic Programs

Saturday University

Black Male Reading Academy

Math Boot Camp

Private tutoring


The Black Male Reading Academy

9:00 am -- 11:00 am every Saturday

Male students in 1st-4th grade

This program takes place at 3509 South King Drive, on the second floor.

What is The Black Male Reading Academy?

The Black Male Reading Academy is a tutoring program that aims to increase the reading comprehension and vocabulary of young Black males who are in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades by generating a fun learning environment, using materials that help build and reinforce participants' positive self-concepts, as well as topics and characters that reflect the interests indicated by these elementary school children.

Why is this program important?

According to the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP), only 9% of Black males in Chicago read proficiently by the 8th grade. In fact, most of the young Black men in Chicago (51%) are reading BELOW a basic level in the 8th grade. If young Black men cannot read, their options in life are bleak. There is no college they can be admitted to, no career path they can follow, no way to build a positive life, if they cannot read and read well.

How do I register my student for this program?

Please COMPLETE THIS FORM to register your student for the fall session, beginning October 1st, 2016! Please call 773-285-9600 if you have any questions!



What is Math Boot Camp?

Math Boot Camp is a tutoring program for 5th through 8th grade students with a strong focus on reviewing and reinforcing math fundamentals while building problem solving skills. This weekly program features small group tutoring. Often times, the reason students struggle in math is because they do not have a strong grasp of the basics. We work with these students to ensure that they are reviewing critical basic concepts and learning problem solving strategies. We identify areas of weakness and target those skills, filling in the gaps one concept at a time. 

Why is this program important?

In Chicago, only 9% of Black males in the 8th grade are proficient in math, according to the 2013 National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP). More alarmingly, the majority of 8th grade Black males (56%) are performing below a basic level in mathematics! Students need more than just homework help. They need a comprehensive problem solving education that gives them the tools to tackle any problem they encounter.

How do I register my student?

Every Thursday

5:30 - 7:00 pm

Please COMPLETE THIS FORM to register for our fall session, beginning October 6th, 2016.


The Black Star Project offers one-on-one private tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  

We match students with tutors who specialize in the area where the students needs the most help.

The cost for tutoring is $40/hour, but you can pay as you go with no binding contracts or obligations.  Tutoring schedules are flexible with options as low as one hour each week.

Call Dorothy Davis at 773.285.9600 for more information or to schedule a diagnostic assessment.

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