Building Chicago's Next CEO 2020 Program - Apply today!


BCNC is designed to expose youth to details of starting and running their own business. Building Chicago's Next CEO program will recruit up to 10 youth from targeted neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago, including Bronzeville, Englewood, Lawndale, and South Shore.

During the 8-week session, participants will develop entrepreneurial ideas and create business plans, attend workshops with professional speakers on financial literacy, investments, resume writing, social media and more.

Are you ready to be Chicago’s Next CEO?

The 2020 Summer program begins June 22nd. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-12pm. Text BCNC to 847-349-4356 to apply or Click here to apply!



The Black Star Project has a long history of partnering and collaborating with other nonprofit organizations. It recognizes that the work is so critical and daunting, it cannot be done in isolation. TBSP utilizes the power of collective impact by working with other groups to accomplish its mission, vision, and objectives. In addition, public-private partnerships with governmental entities, either through grants, contracts, or committee participation is also an important part of its work. These partnerships allow TBSP to be an influencer with regards to breaking down inaccurate perceptions, dismantling racial inequities, and eliminating systemic barriers faced by communities of color.  


Some of The Black Star Project partnerships include:


The Monroe Foundation

Get Cleared Today

Sal Dunlap’s Red, Black, Clean, and Green

National Eat At A Black Coffee Shop Day

On April 12th, 2018, two black men were arrested inside Starbucks in Center City Philadelphia. They were waiting for a friend, without ordering anything. The store manager called policed saying the two men refused to leave after not ordering anything.

Their arrest for 'trespassing' was recorded and went viral, sparking outrage and protests. Starbucks closed all their US location for racial-bias training on May 29th.

Support our local black owned coffee shops! Check out 500 Black Coffee Houses and Cafes for one near you.

Also check out The Black Star Journal blog post Starbucks: From Boycott to Victory.


The Black Star Project is raising awareness on their work on behalf of marginalized communities and the efficacy of various methods and grassroots collaboration. Using our 25+ years of experience and voice to influence how the public understands and responds to issues in our community.  Also, shedding light on how the historical legacies and structural institutions of discrimination and disinvestment have led to, and exacerbated glaring disparities in education, health and economic impact in our community.