On April 22, 2017, thousands of Black Americans will join the Red, Black, Clean and Green clean-up day sponsored by Chicago’s Justice Or Else Local Organizing Committee, with support from the War on Filth and Fear and The Black Star Project.  If you like to download a flyer please Click Here.

 Currently, over 80 organizations in 38 cities have signed up to participate in this national neighborhood clean-up!

Activities during the Red, Black, Clean and Green clean-up day include:

  • Picking up paper and trash
  • Cleaning streets and alleys
  • Cleaning vacant lots
  • Cleaning away graffiti
  • Cleansing the spirits of our children
  • Planting flowers, vegetable garden, trees and grass
  • Reporting dangerous and open abandoned houses
  • Reporting abandoned cars and trucks
  • Painting fences and street poles
  • Establishing block clubs
  • Saying "Hello" to neighbors, other Black Americans and other Americans

 Please call 773.285.9600 for more information about Red, Black, Clean and Green. Click Here to register your community and your city for this campaign.


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