Youth Development

Our Youth Development Programs are small group workshops with students specifically identified by your school staff to receive intensive support.  The groups typically meet once a week, but we can tailor the frequency to fit your school's schedule and your students' needs.

Mentoring Programs for Boys and Girls 

The Black Star Project facilitates small group in school mentoring programs during school and after school.  During these programs, The Black Star Mentors facilitate conflict resolution, anger management, educational motivation, college exposure, and cultural education in small groups of 1 mentor with 8-10 mentees.

The Black Star Project also facilitates one-on-one mentoring programs where mentors provide case management, academic and behavioral improvement, and parental and family engagement opportunities for participating students.

Conflict Resolution and Anger Management Classes 

The Black Star Project facilitates conflict resolution and anger-management clubs and workshops for students either during school, after school, on Saturdays, or as part of a suspension program.  The objective of these session is to decrease overall school suspensions.  The workshops challenge students to take responsibility for their actions and teach them how to successfully manage the outcomes of many of their interactions with teachers and their peers.  Staff uses role-play, discussion, and other guided activities to help students manage conflict and anger.

Attendance Improvement Outreach

Our staff can work to find students who are in danger of becoming chronically truant and intervene with support, guidance, and encouragement to keep them on track.  We focus heavily on mentoring these students and working with their parents and school staff to create a functioning web of support and accountability for students.

Peace Day

Peace days consist of a large group auditorium session with a film screening of "On the Frontline".  The screening will be followed by dynamic guest speakers who will break up the auditorium into smaller groups for more interactive discussion of the film.  Student also receive "Peace in the Hood" wristbands and sign non-violence pledges.