Give Monthly

Donors like you realize there is an ongoing need for funds to support this work. Thanks to the faithful and consistent support of friends who make a gift every month to The Black Star Project, we can rely on a consistent stream of income. Monthly donors give us the security to know that we can provide quality programs, month after month. Monthly sustainers can help ensure that our doors are open and serving the community for years to come.

Why should I join the monthly sustainers program?

We currently serve over thousands of students and parents every year through our programs, national initiatives, and events. We are proud to be able to touch so many young people, and we always strive to serve more and improve the lives of more young people, but it can be a reason for concern.  What would happen if we had a bad month where few people donated? What would happen if we had several months in a row where support was significantly down?

Having thousands of students, their parents, their schools, and other people depend on us for filling a crucial gap in our education system is a challenge. Unfortunately, even though we touch the lives of hundreds of children in Chicago (thousands across the nation), there are always more students to serve. 

What helps us to determine if we can serve one more student? Committed monthly donors. Monthly donors give us the security to know that we can provide quality programs, month after month. They also build the confidence we need to feel that we can expand our reach to help more.

Become a monthly donor and your ongoing support will give us the confidence and security we need to expand our reach and continue the campaign to improve education for all children.  THANK YOU!

What makes monthly giving so valuable to The Black Star Project?

  • It's reliable.  
  • It's cost effective. Automatic donations are processed more efficiently.
  • It makes a difference. Having a consistent donor base each month helps The Black Star Project plan and operate more efficiently.

How can monthly giving benefit you?

  • Contribute significantly on a budget. Maybe you want to contribute significantly to The Black Star Project, but you can’t necessarily write “the big check”. You can gradually pay your membership dues over time. You don’t have to write “the big check” to give in a significant way. Monthly giving allows you to give substantially to The Black Star Project by giving smaller gifts every month. For just $15 a month (that’s only 50 cents a day!), you can become one of Black Star Project’s MVPs.You determine the amount you’d like to contribute each month, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to write a check or pay for postage.
  • It's flexible and secure. You can increase, decrease, pause or stop your donation at any time.
  • It's rewarding. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping your neighbors 365 days a year.

Become a monthly sustainer today!

How To Join

  • Authorize regular, recurring charges on a credit or debit card - choose the monthly frequency option.
  • Mail a check to us every month.