Become a Member

The Black Star Project has an urgent mission that depends on the generosity of a select group of individuals who are so passionate about educating and empowering students and communities that they make a philanthropic gift to The Black Star Project.

These amazing people are our members.

As a Member, you will join The Black Star Project in ensuring that every child, whether they be Black, Latino, Native American, Asian or White, has the resources to have a quality education. Right now, our mentors are working hard to make sure that the 70 young men in Young Black Men of Honor are reaching their goals and staying on track. Our tutors are teaching fractions to those students who have fallen through the cracks at their schools. Our motivators are inspiring students and exposing them to careers they had never even considered.

Donate today and ensure that this work continues.

At the Black Star Project, we never stop working for the good of the children. As you read this, we are tutoring students, mentoring young Black men, engaging parents, and spreading the word about the urgent issues that need to be address and solved in education. We have many "boots on the ground" and, every day, we work to inform the world about what's happening on the ground in our communities.

All we need is your support to put our plans into action.

The lowest level of membership is only $50 a year. Become a member today and you can help make this world a better place for our children and communities. Donate today!

How do I become a member of The Black Star Project?

Donate $50 or more to the Black Star Project per year.

Levels of membership:

  • Friend of Progress: $50+
  • Supporter of Progress: $100+
  • Sponsor of Progress: $250+
  • Guardian of Progress: $500+
  • Champion of Progress: $1000+

What are the benefits of membership?

Other than the knowledge that you are positively influencing the lives of students, we offer our members special invitations to exclusive events, a special newsletter and insider updates, discounts on tickets to events such as our Daddy Daughter Dance, and other special opportunities. 

How do I send my donation?

  1. Send a check or money order (payable to "The Black Star Project") to:
The Black Star Project
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, IL 60653

2. Visit our office at the address above to drop off a check or money order.  

3. CLICK HERE to donate online with a credit or debit card, or Paypal. You may also set up monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring gifts with this online form!