Brainy, Brilliant, Beautiful Girls of Black Star is a mentoring program for young women in Chicago ages 9 to 14.

The goals of this program are:

  • To foster a positive connection between young women and their female mentors – a connection that supports the development of the values, knowledge, skills, and maturity needed for transition into full, responsible womanhood.
  • To provide young females with exposure to life-affirming possibilities available to them, along with coaching on how to examine these possibilities, determine personal goals based on these possibilities, and to develop the personal strategies necessary to achieve their goals.
  • To have fun and develop positive, lasting relationships.

Mentors and mentees will participate in structured activities that will be both recreational and educational in nature. These events will include reading, writing, and math instruction, going to sporting and performing arts events, listening to and having discussions with guest speakers, participating in college and career fairs, going to cultural institutions such as museums and libraries, sewing, dancing, crocheting, and watching /discussing movies and other visual media. The program will be interactive in nature, with regular opportunities provided to mentees to share what they are learning and experiencing.

Participation in this program is free and will require the written consent of the young person’s parent or guardian.

Please call Vincent Cain or Raquel Kid at 773.285.9600 to enroll your young women in this program.


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