Circulate Black Dollars in Black Communites

Black Dollar Stamp

Blacks in America have about a $1.3 trillion gross national income. Only 2% of that money, about $26 billion, is re-circulated in the black community. The Black Star Project is working to change this narrative!

Dear Supporter of Progress,

1) Become at least a $50 member of The Black Star Project. 
2) Receive a "Circulate Black Dollars in Black Communities" stamp.
3) Stamp all of your paper money every week.  (Legal per 18 USC 333 and 18 USC 475).
4) Encourage all of your family and friends to do the same. 
6) Think to shop with a Black business, professional, contractor, tradesman or vendor first, and then shop with others if you must. 
7) Help set up networks, directories and list of Black vendors in your area.
8) Honor the Covenant between Black consumers and Black businesses.
9) Teach Black youth financial literacy and how to shop with Black companies. 
10) Help us raise the amount of money re-circulated in the Black community from 2% to 4%, an additional $26 billion, in 2018.  
Because of support from people like you, The Black Star Project will be able to manage this program for the entire year.  This is how we get our young Black men to turn away from a life of violence and despair, and move towards employment, entrepreneurship, business ownership and community building.  


Please give as much as you can today and help keep this program going strong throughout 2018!

No more waiting for federal, state or municipal government.  No more waiting on foundations.  No more waiting for institutions of higher education.   We must take our destiny into our hands. Your support is crucial to helping solve the problems in our communities.    
Please become a member of The Black Star Project and make a difference in our communities. With your support, we will experience great success in 2018 and beyond.
Phillip Jackson
Chairman of the Board of Directors

P.S. You may also donate by sending a check or money order to The Black Star Project, 3509 South King Dr. Suite 2B, Chicago, IL 60653.  Make all checks and money orders should be payable to "The Black Star Project". Thank you so much for your generosity!  All investments are deductible to the extent allowed by 501c3 law